GoTriangle Recognizes Employees with Service Awards

Board Room 2Every day, over 200 GoTriangle employees provide high-quality transit services to a growing region. From the service attendant who makes sure the vehicles are clean, to the call center employee who helps riders plan their trips, to the operators who safely deliver passengers to their destinations and the planners working to expand services in Durham, Orange and Wake counties, each is part of GoTriangle’s success.

Today the GoTriangle Board of Trustees recognized 43 employees with service awards.  General Manager Jeff Mann told the board and employees, “Congratulations to all honored for their service to GoTriangle.  We are proud of our team, their hard work and their dedication to provide the best transit services in the Triangle to thousands each day.”   Continue reading

Celebrating Customer Service Week

logo_2016_finalIt’s National Customer Service Week and we thought it was about time we celebrate the amazing customer service associates who keep the GoTransit Regional Information Center running!

The GoTransit Regional Information Center provides a single source of information about public transportation services, ridesharing, and paratransit services throughout the Triangle at 919-485-RIDE (7433). The center serves GoTriangle, GoDurham, GoRaleigh, GoCary and the Town of Chapel Hill (Chapel Hill Transit).  Continue reading

Why You Should Be Riding Transit Right Now

#GoTogether walk.pngOn Tuesday, GoTriangle launched their GoTogether campaign, sharing a new websitelaunch video, and asking riders to share their story using #GoTogether.

The day was filled with wonderful stories of multimodal experiences, friends who travel together, and transit camaraderie. Still on the fence about transit? Let current riders ease your worries: Continue reading

National Public Transportation Career Day

APTAWhen you think jobs in transit, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Probably bus operators, right? Well what about these ones?

Mechanic. Engineer. Dispatcher. Marketer. Designer. Accountant. Safety Officer. Transit Planner. Employer Outreach Coordinator. Administrative Assistant. Customer Service Rep. Lawyer.

It takes a lot of awesome individuals to keep a transit company going each day. Today on National Public Transportation Career Day we want to celebrate these jobs and the vast array of opportunities available in public transportation!

We will be tweeting fun facts all day on GoSmart’s Twitter. Dive in to a few more transit careers right here:

Career Day (1)

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Think Transit – C-Tran Spotlight

As a part of Think Transit, we’re excited to take some time to draw attention to the incredible operators and riders who make our work so special. Today’s spotlights are from C-Tran.

C-Tran Operator Spotlights

Annette Whitley

Annette Whitley

Since September 2001, Annette has been a tremendous asset for C-Tran. Notably, she received a Katherine McClary award in 2014. She maintains a safety-focused mindset, has an excellent driving record, and is always eager and willing to help citizens or fellow workers. She is constantly recognized by her fellow workers, supervisors, and customers as an outstanding fixed route driver. She always has a smile, maintains a positive attitude, and dependable.

Outside of work, Annette enjoys spending time with her family; she has two sons, two grandchildren, and one on the way. 

Congratulations, Annette! C-Tran is thankful for your outstanding work and service dedication.

Mariana Dulguerov

Mariana Dulguerova

Since January 2003, Mariana has been a tremendous asset for C-Tran. Notably, she received a Katherine McClary award in 2014; in addition to numerous awards she received in driver’s safety. She is acknowledged as someone who goes above and beyond her call of duty – and genuinely cares for her passengers. She always maintains a positive attitude and demonstrates professionalism at all times.

Outside of work, Mariana enjoys spending time with her family, especially her granddaughter. She always looks forward to the summer as she gets to spend a lot of time with her.

Congratulations, Mariana! C-Tran is thankful for your outstanding work and service dedication. 

Think Transit – GoRaleigh Spotlight

As a part of Think Transit, we’re excited to take some time to draw attention to the incredible operators and riders who make our work so special. Today’s spotlights are from GoRaleigh.


GoRaleigh Employee Spotlight

Marie Parker


Marie Parker - Think Transit Employee SpotlightWhere do you start?? Marie has been with GoRaleigh for almost 14 years and has now risen to Assistant General Manager/Director of Operations.

From Kathy Molin – TDM Coordinator, City of Raleigh – Three words I’d use to describe Marie – passionate, caring, and respectful. Marie loves what she does and it shows. Even on a crazy, busy day, she will make time for you. She is a great person, and a true friend.

From Tierany Griffin-Purdie – Operations Support Specialist, GORaleigh – The thing about Marie that makes her so special is her passion for people and transit. She displays a genuine respect and care for everyone she comes in contact with and you can tell she truly loves what she does. She is one of the most optimistic, positive people I have ever met. If you ask her how she is, she always answers ‘I’m Fantabulous!’

Marie has been a great asset to the operations team; providing a structural, yet transparent, management style; allowing operators and staff to build trust and approach issues with a team effort.

 Rider Spotlight

 James Wise

James Wise - Think Transit Rider SpotlightOne of the things that you will notice about James Wise is his passion for transit.

James is not only well known around GoRaleigh and helping folks at Moore Square Station or on the bus, James makes paper replicas of transit buses. When James found out that I was from the Toronto area, he made me four paper replicas of the Toronto Transit Commission buses, which sit on my desk.

It doesn’t matter which transit agency in the Triangle you visit, you will more than likely see one of James’ paper buses. From what I understand, James gets calls from all over to make buses for other agencies. With our recent rebranding in the Triangle, James quickly went to work and made buses for GoRaleigh with our new brand.

One of my coworkers, David Walker, wrote this about James.

“James Wise has been actively involved in the City of Raleigh’s transit system as long as I can remember and I started working with GoRaleigh in 2001. He has always been available to help citizens by answering their questions at Moore Square. When we started the Ambassador program in 2013 James was one of the first to sign up and we knew he would be great for this Volunteer position. We regularly get compliments about his assistance with riders such as “he will walk up and down the aisle asking if anyone needs help and handing out schedules” if needed. James is a real asset to GoRaleigh’s transit system!”

James is a true transit buff, and it shows in all he does in and around the Triangle.




Two Link Tuesday

Today’s Two Link Tuesday is being overtaken by #TeleworkTuesday!

Teleworking is an often overlooked method of cutting down driving, reducing rush-hour traffic, and saving money on transit. Here at GoSmart, we encourage our employees to take a day or two each week to work at home or their local coffee shop instead of coming into the office.

Image of a computer, coffee cup, and notebook on a table. The note reads "You can do it! - Coffee"


Our social media specialist, Eleanor Hawthorne, shares her #TeleworkTuesday view including some words of inspiration from her coffee. (Taken at a favorite local coffee shop, Brew, in Raleigh.)

In addition to all the benefits of not driving, teleworking offers a variety of perks. You can choose your own working environment, work in a coffee shop and keep that caffeine high going all day long, exercise during lunch without being seen by coworkers in your bike shorts, etc. For some people, getting to work out of the office enables them to really get in the zone and not out tasks that are difficult to complete when busy with meetings or unexpected requests.

And since we still really love Two Link Tuesday… here are a couple of links to help you kickstart your telework days.

12 Tips to Stay Healthy While Working From Home

Harvard Business Review Looks at the Increase in Productivity When Employees Work at Home

Where are your favorite telework spots? What are your favorite aspects of teleworking? Tag your photos on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook with #TeleworkTuesday and you may win some swag from us!