Drivers Wanted…

Share the Ride NC

That’s right. Drivers wanted. A surprising thing for a transit-focused blog to say. An even more strange comment following a month of blog posts, Tweets, and events rallying around Biking.

But it’s true. We want drivers.

Even though we want you to walk, bike, and hop on a bus for your commute whenever and wherever you can, Share the Ride NC is the exception to this rule. In case you aren’t familiar, Share the Ride is a program focusing on helping people in the community find others to carpool with.

You can save money on gas, wear and tear on your vehicle, and sometimes insurance cost.

Carpooling not only saves you, but also helps reduce road congestion and lowers environmental impacts.

But we like to keep it social here at GoSmart. What really struck us was the fact that, on average, people spend 434 hours in the car. In other words, 18 DAYS a year spent in the car. Don’t you think that time would be better spent with a friend?

We sure think so. And we want to help you find one.

Go to our site and get paired with riders to start your new life as a Share the Ride driver. We can’t wait for you to join us!


If you have any questions or concerns just leave us a comment. We’d love to chat with you about the opportunities that await you behind the wheel. 

5 Findings From Going Carless – Week 1

It’s been a little over a week since I committed to going carless for the month of March.

So, obviously, I thought it best to put these discoveries in a super digestible list for you. 

1. I’m a total CHEAT

I’ve never considered myself a cheater but I am now. I might as well be Coach (John Candy) in Cool Runnings, putting weights in my sled to win Olympic gold.

That’s right. It’s only been a week and I’ve already cheated during my #CarlessMarch challenge. Looking back, I don’t even remember why. It was probably due to a donut emergency or something equally idiotic.

It’s made me realize that having access to a car is definitely a luxury and choosing to go without is a sacrifice. But more importantly, this points us towards one of the biggest challenges facing public transit: people value their own convenience far and above the greater impact of their actions. Some people may choose to take public transit because of its benefits, but the rest are going to have to be convinced by having well-planned transit and-let’s be honest-some good ol’ public shaming of driving cars solo.

2. Sometimes transit is going to fit my life, my life has to fit transit

I live about half a mile from the Downtown Durham YMCA but I’ve started going to the gym on the American Tobacco Campus since beginning this challenge. Why, you ask?

The Downtown Durham YMCA is about a half mile walk from my house so I’ve started going to the ATC YMCA before I transfer from my TTA bus to my DATA bus at Durham Station. Before you start thinking of me as some gym rat… I’m switching because if I walked to the gym and back my workout would basically be complete so there’d be no point.

So far, this has been the first life change that I’ve made in order to fit around my transit schedule.

3. Getting between cities is shockingly easy

The Regional Transit Center bathed in sunlight

So I may be a little biased when talking about Triangle Transit but even still… this particular bus system makes it super easy to get between cities in the Triangle. I live and work in Durham but a lot of things in my social life take me into downtown Raleigh. My trip isn’t much longer than driving there, I’m not wasting gas, & it’s incredibly convenient.

4. Owning a bike seems imperative

One thing I’ve realized is how some distances are too long or not safe to walk but don’t make sense to get on a bus to manage. It seems like having a bike to get around town is imperative if I want to keep a good schedule and be able to get places quickly and safely.

It’s easier for me to get to downtown Raleigh using public transit than it is to get to some places just a few miles from my house.

(If you’re curious why this is then you should check out Jarrett Walker’s blog, Human Transit. Jarrett is one of the consultants working on the Wake County Transit Strategy. His work is an awesome resource for understanding the planning side of public transit.)

5. I got mad respectHan Solo Salutes

For anyone who chooses to or is dependent upon public transit for all of their travel, you’ve got all my respect. Just a week into my #CarlessMarch challenge and there are things I’m already finding to be a struggle. It’s a total shift in how I plan my day and what commitments I feel I can make.


Do you include a bike in your alternative commuting? If not, how do you manage those medium length distances? 

What changes have you had to make since choosing to commit to public transportation?

Share your thoughts with me in the comments!


The Holidays are Coming

The holidays are coming. Are you ready?

Buddy the Elf is excited to hear that Santa is coming.

This is often the busiest time of the year and that definitely rings true for transit.

Family time, vacation days, holiday shopping, Christmas parties and parades pile up on top of all the end of year meetings and planning for the year ahead. That being said, there’s a lot to keep track of and we want to make sure you know where to get the most up-to-date information.

News & Events Updates

We don’t normally post transit updates here. Whether it’s a road closure or an event you should know about, our website’s news and events page is the best place to find this information. These updates span from Chapel Hill Transit to the CAT bus in Raleigh.

Email Updates

If you’re like us, you’re probably too lazy or too busy or both to constantly check our website. It’s ok. We totally understand and can bring the updates to you… just sign up for our email alerts. Whenever we post a new update it goes straight to your inbox. Too easy to be true? No. It’s seriously that easy to stay informed on what transit happenings effect you.

Go Triangle News and Alerts

Triangle Transit alerts through My Ride

Planning for Your Thanksgiving Travel

Two Link Tuesday (For those planning to eat too much food and watch too much football until overcome by a tryptophan-induced coma)

We’re so thrilled to finally be approaching the holiday season but as much as we love it we also know it can be quite the hassle. The holidays are the time to visit friends and family and with that comes a particular surge in travel.

Getting you to your post-turkey nap is really important to us so we’re here to make it all a little bit easier for you.

Joey from


None of Your Friends Will Say Yes

Many of you are going to be travelling out of state for the holidays and that’s awesome! There’s something fun and relaxing about jet-setting to a new place or back home for a few days.

But before you ask your friends or neighbors for a ride to the airport consider this: you don’t have to ask us for a ride. We’re already going. 

Triangle Transit’s Route 100 is already making it’s way over to RDU Airport. Catching a ride with us eliminates a range of travel issues:

  • You don’t have to clean our your trunk to make sure you can fit your luggage.
  • Forget paying for extended airport parking and worrying about leaving your car unattended. Keep it in the driveway.
  • Taxi rides to the airport? Ride with us and use the money you save to buy an exorbitantly priced coffee at Starbucks before you get to your gate.
  • Being late for a flight is the absolute worst. If we hit holiday traffic you don’t have to worry. We’ll just hop on the shoulder and scoot on past it so you can scoot on through security without a care in the world.
  • You can make everyone stuck at home for the holidays jealous. Since you’re not behind the wheel you can spend your time on the bus behind your phone bragging about your great travel plans.

Ever Considered the Train?

We love to give a good shout out to our friends in transit. Today that shout out is for Amtrak. What are the benefits, you ask? Read on.

  • Book a train ticket instead of getting on a plane and save some dough.
  • You have to impress those family members you only see once a year. No weight or bag restrictions mean you’re free to bring your fashion A-game in as many different outfits as you want.
  • Holiday traffic jams don’t exactly apply to trains.
  • Views out of your train car window have a 300% chance of being better than the taillights of hundreds of cars in front of you.
  • Watching movies or playing cards and board games definitely beats any form of entertainment that is legal while driving a car.

Watch Out for the Weather

But maybe you’re one of the few who just want to stay home and relax or it’s your turn to host the holiday chaos.

Make sure to keep an eye on the weather. The Triangle is supposed to get some pretty nasty precipitation this week. Our recommendation is lots of hot beverages, warm blankets, and Christmas movies (but only after Thanksgiving is totally over).

Happy holidays and thanks for riding with us!

Transit Thursday: A Big Transit Thank You

Happy Rider Appreciation Day!

The staff here at Go Triangle is so thrilled to celebrate our fantastic riders today! We’re incredibly grateful for our great ridership everyday, not just Rider Appreciation Day, but we couldn’t miss a chance to shout it from the rooftops (or sing it from a bus).

Thank you for your part in making transit in our area so great!


What’s so wonderful about the State Fair?

There are so many great things about October (aside from it being my birthday month).  There’s a crisp, chilly quality about the air, leaves transform to the beautiful reds and yellows of fall, and most importantly—the State Fair comes to Raleigh! Since I moved to Raleigh for school four years ago, the annual trip to the fair grounds has been a memorable and exciting experience for my friends and me.

Maybe you’ve never been to the Fair; maybe you don’t get what all the hype is about. I’m happy to fill you in—there’s a reason why the theme this year is “love-a-fair”. For those who loyally return each year to enjoy the rides, wonder at the native carnie lifestyle and (let’s not forget) to sample the delicious and novel array of foods, the fair is something like a dear old friend. There is catching up to do, new experiences to be had together and the eventual sadness of going our separate ways.

Think you can handle this?

I vividly recall my first encounter with the legendary Krispy Kreme burger; a culinary indulgence so decadent and intoxicating that even a full belly and a 30-minute wait in line may not be enough to deter a person from going after seconds.  Coming in at a close second for fair food must-haves is the roasted corn-on-the-cob, and if you can find the right stand, be sure to get it dipped in white queso and parmesan cheese. You probably shouldn’t miss the deep-fried Oreos, Mac-n-cheese, or banana pudding. Oh, and then there’s the giant turkey legs, funnel cakes and chocolate-covered bacon. All dieting/healthy-eating initiatives may promptly be resumed when the fair leaves town.

Then there’s Sampson, the world’s largest horse.  Signs on his enclosure claim he weighs more than 2,700 pounds and eats 150 pounds of food in a single day. You think, surely a beast of these proportions isn’t really just hanging out inside this tent, but sure—I’ll pay a dollar and find out.  And there he is, larger than life and casually munching on a bale of alfalfa. I can’t fully speak to the awesomeness of all the rides, I’m a bit of a chicken when it comes to those things—but I can say the giant swings are a must. Of course, if you’ve never been on a Ferris Wheel, you should ride it at least once. If local agriculture interests you, be sure to check out the State Fair Ark in the Exposition Center, which features more than 60 animals showcasing North Carolina’s diversity in livestock.

Close your eyes, it feels like you're flying.

So now that you’ve decided that you absolutely have to make it to the fair this year, here are some great options for how to get there while avoiding the typical aggravations of fair traffic and parking. No matter where you are in the Triangle, if your destination is the State Fair, GoTriangle has you covered. Check out Go Info for specifics on the special times, rates and locations serviced during the fair. GoTriangle is giving away tickets to the fair through GoMade for those commuters who use their time commuting to create. If you use your time on the bus (or car or van-pool) to sketch, knit, or really create anything, submit a photo of yourself on the bus creating and get a free ticket to the fair! More information is located in the post below . You can also buy your tickets in advance on the State Fair website to avoid lines. Have fun, maybe I’ll see you out there—I’ll be the one in cowboy boots with my hands full of the above-mentioned delicacies and a big smile on my face.

Got to Ride NC has 100 Riders on Hillsborough Street

We’ve ‘talked’ about all of the Bike to Work events throughout the month (with more yet to come), but this morning’s  Got to Ride NC event in Raleigh was a great success. With 100 riders rolling down Hillsborough Street at rush hour, from the State Fairgrounds to the State Capitol Lawn, this event was meant to improve safety and awareness between cyclists and motorists and encourage cycling as a transportation option in Raleigh – even if you do need to combine with bike on bus or use a Park and Ride.

Check out these photos of some of the riders, volunteers and sponsors that truly led this to be an awareness ride. Thanks to all!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(Check out our Flickr photos if you don’t have java script.)

Check out more photos and info from the NC DOT.

Thanks to our sponsors:

Planning Committee Members from NC DOT, GoTriangle, and City of Raleigh.

NC State Fairground for parking and departure point.

REI for donations and free bike checks at State Fairgrounds and Capitol.

Triangle Bike Commuter Initiative for coffee and Cliff Bar donations.

East Coast Greenway Alliance for volunteers.

Inside Out Sports of Cary for bike rack donations.