#CarlessMarch – Week Two

Hello all! Thanks again for the continued support as I complete Carless March. If you want to see what happened last week, read here.

IMG_0165What I’ve learned over the last week is that being car-less is not just about taking the bus. There are so many other ways to travel! While my first week was all about the bus, week two was spent carpooling! (My roommate started a new job near my office and offered to drive me to work!)

Here are a few other ways you can travel if you don’t have a car:

1. Carpool

It’s been calculated that the average American spends 434 hours (18 days!) in a car each year. Why should you spend all that time alone? At GoSmart we have great resources for finding a carpool, or maybe even joining a vanpool! We know it can be pretty scary to shake up your routine, so be sure to check out our Frequently Asked Questions, find a great playlist, and be inspired by Adele.

2. Biking

Over here at GoSmart we are big fans of the bike commute. If you need more info, check out gosmartnc.org/gobike. And be sure to sign up for the safety awareness ride on Sunday, April 3rd.

3. Telework

wireless-home-office-1240115Staying off the road for an extra day (or more) a week is a great way to help save the environment, but is also a great solution if you are without a car. This week is Telework Week(!), so be sure to check out our website and join in on the conversation on Twitter.

These are just a few alternative options to consider, whether you have a car or not. Tell us about your alternative commute in the comments or on any of our social media below!

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5 Reasons to Love Transit

Transit is awesome. We want you to know why!

Though #GoLoveNC has ended, we still love talking about the benefits of alternative transportation. Here are FIVE more reasons why transit is so darn cool:

1. Get creative by simply walking!
There is scientific evidence that walking is great for sparking creativity! Even if walking is a small part of your daily commute, it’s a great time to get ready for the day.

giphy (15)

2. Get your daily exercise in with a bike commute.
Regular physical activity has shown to boost energy, improve mood, and combat both major and minor health issues.

giphy (16)

3. Meet awesome people with vanpool.
GoVanpool is a matching service that helps find people in your area to travel with and provides the van for you! (And maybe your future karaoke buddies?)

giphy (17)

4. The bus helps save money.
The cost of owning and operating a car can be upwards of $9,000. Public transit is a great way to help combat these expenses. You can find our bus passes here.


5. Help save the planet.
Alternative transportation has done wonders for reducing congestion and carbon emissions. So jump on your skateboard or segway or whatever you ride, and get going!

giphy (18)

We love that you love transit! So if you love that we love that you love transit, share with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and track your miles with GoPerks!

#GoLoveNC: Share Your Love of Transit

Launch Event
How do you share your feelings? Is it through haiku? Photography? Love letters? Maybe even interpretive dance? Well here’s your chance to show your creativity by expressing your love for transit.

It doesn’t matter if you bike, ride the bus, carpool, vanpool, or walk to work, we want you to share your version of transit love on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using #GoLoveNC.

Winners will be picked by Best in Visuals and Best in Written Word, and will win a swag bag! So get dancing! Or writing! Or…whatever it is you’re so darn good at!

Here are some examples:

Really love transit? Check out GoPerks – you can win incentives just by tracking your commuting miles!


Change your commute, change your life?

We are 2+ weeks into 2016. How are your resolutions going?

According to Time.com, the thing that most people want to do in this new year is “enjoy life to the fullest.” Other popular resolutions include living a healthier lifestyle, losing weight, reducing debt, saving money, and spending more time with family and friends.

Of the people surveyed, a little more than half are focusing on just one resolution, and that’s pretty smart. Trying to do too much at one time sets you up for failure. We support moderation, but what if you could make one change that can impact your life, your wallet, your waistline, and help others at the same time? Sounds pretty good, right? So let’s talk about how you get to work.

For the next few weeks we’re going to focus our attention on the benefits of not driving alone. Taking the bus, sharing your ride in a carpool or vanpool, walking, or biking can help you get more physical activity, save you some cash, and help you do more in your day, plus, you can win some actual swag when you use our GoPerks program to track your trips.

Now, if you’re already a GoSmart convert, THANK YOU, YOU ARE MY HERO. Your mission, should you choose to accept, is tell a friend or two or ten about how you get to work. Also, make sure you’re tracking those commutes.

If you drive alone and think there’s no way you can make a change, do me a favor, please. Check out gosmartnc.org/newyear to see just how rewarding going smart can be. If you need help figuring out your options, holler at us in the comments or online.

I’ll be back for Two Link Tuesday, so be on the lookout for more #NewYearNewCommute information. Have a great weekend! Oh, and I almost forgot– Happy New Year!





Christmas Cheer

The Triangle Transit Vanpool van was Santa's Sleigh on Monday.

We normally mention something transit-oriented on our #TransitThursday blog posts (obviously) but today we wanted to touch on something a little different: holiday cheer.

One of the best things about the contagious holiday spirit that’s going around is catching the excitement and joy of helping others.

On Monday, our Communications and Public Affairs team at Triangle Transit spent their morning helping Housing for New Hope collect donations for their clients. It’s not often that one of the vans in our vanpool gets to transport the joy of Christmas instead of passengers but this week it was packed to the ceiling with presents (so much so that our director was buried in packages up to his nose). The van is filled to the brim! Damien Graham had to hold presents so we could all fit.

Housing for New Hope assists families and individuals in their journey out of homelessness and this year companies and organizations in the area “adopted” their clients by providing donations wrapped in Christmas cheer. We couldn’t be more thankful to have had the opportunity to take a few hours out of our week to be a part of this great event.

Housing for New Hope piled donations for their clients under a Christmas tree.

If you’re looking for a way to give your time or your finances this season we recommend The Salvation Army of the Triangle. They’re still in need of help to meet their holiday goals. Durham Cares is another great organization which has the scoop on what needs there are in the area.

From our team here at GoTriangle, we hope you have a fantastic Christmas Holiday and that you find a few moments to spread that joy around.

Merry Christmas!


Greenlights: October 2014 Issue

Multimodal Transportation in the Triangle


At GoTriangle, we love getting the opportunity to highlight employers and commuters who are taking that extra step to make smart commuting work for them.

Today we want to highlight David Bradway. He recently shared moments from a day full of multimodal transportation (utilizing multiple forms of transportation to piece together a system of getting around) and we couldn’t resist asking him to go into more detail on how he makes it work for his daily routine. From walking and biking to riding the bus and utilizing car sharing programs (like the Enterprise Car Share that Duke hosts for students and staff), David has got it mapped out.

David Bradway describes his travel, "I had a #multimodalmonday with @gotriangle Bull City Connector, Duke's Enterprise Car Share, and my trusty Schwinn. "

 A rider's photos of the different modes of transportation he uses to get around.

A big part of his motivation to not have a car and travel primarily on bike and bus came from a year he and his wife spent in Denmark. The country is renowned for being remarkably bike-friendly and, as David recalls, “the bicycling infrastructure was world class. The bike paths were lighted, separate from cars, regularly cleaned, and even plowed. Biking in Denmark was often the most convenient and reliable way to get around the city.”

Since returning, David has continued this type of commuting since the major benefits of a smart commuter lifestyle, better health and cost efficiency, are so worth it. For trips that are too long or when the weather is particularly bad, the Trans Loc app and Google Maps have been useful tools for David to make sure his plans for travel are as seamless as possible.

There’s always more we can do to make multimodal transportation better, from constantly work to make our bus routes more efficient to improving bike lanes. But most of all, it’s important to share stories such as David’s to shed light on how great it can be to foster these kinds habits in our communities.


Let’s also take a look at some Triangle Transit van riders.

Debra Smith says “I have been vanpooling since 2008.  I was in another vanpool but then I got my own.  Because it saves me a lot of money on gas, I am able to drive my car on the weekend.  When I was driving to work every day, the high gas prices caused me keep my car parked for almost everything except church on the weekend.  I had to consider if I had enough gas money for the week to travel from Oxford to Duke for work.  It was a great benefit to have Duke step in with the deposit for the van.  Our vanpool has been going strong for 3 years now. And it is growing; I think we will need a bigger van soon.  We are all so thankful to be able to save on gas and car expenses.  We switch drivers on different days so that everyone gets a chance to sit back and enjoy the ride.   It is a blessing.  I recommend it to anybody.  We start out in Oxford; make a stop in Creedmoor, then on to Durham.  We make several stops in Durham so that everyone gets out at their worksite.  I love it.  I would not give up my vanpool. I had to drive one day last week, and I missed it.  Now, I do not like driving into work, I’d rather ride the van!”



Here is what long time van rider Janet Langley, who is now retired from Wake County wrote in to say. “I have ridden and served as back-up driver on several of the TTA Vanpools that leave from the Harnett & Johnston County areas. I was one of the original riders from Coats, NC when the vanpools were first introduced.  That was more than 28 years ago.  At first I was hesitant because of not having my own vehicle available for emergencies, errands, etc.  I soon became hooked and dreaded those days when I did have to drive in to downtown Raleigh. It has been a terrific experience, and I encourage everyone to give it a try.

The service you have provided has been priceless to me personally.  As of March 1, 2014, I will be officially retired!  Had it not been for your vanpool program, I would have never been able to stay with State Government for 30 years.  I’ve met tons of great people and will miss them dearly.  I won’t miss that commute, but TTA has definitely been a God send to me and made it so much easier to get up and go to work every day.

Once again, THANK YOU.


Just as a reminder joining a van is as easy. Register on www.SharetheRideNC.com and choose vanpool as one of the options to find a match. If you do not see a match, start a waiting list. It only takes 5 passengers to start a new vanpool. And as always, you can call or email Vanessa Battle our Vanpool Manager at vbattle@triangletransit.org or 919 485-7462. She will walk you right through the process. We are always looking for drivers. Driving a vanpool comes with some perks. Call Vanessa for details.




While you are there, register for the Emergency Ride Home program. It is a guaranteed ride home from work in case of an emergency on days that you carpool, vanpool, bike, walk or ride the bus to the office. It is great that most of those registered in our database have not had to use the program; but here is what a couple of people who needed it had to say:

“I was glad this service was available. It was a great help when I really needed it!” – Nancy H.

“This is an excellent service.  I’ve commuted from Wendell by bus since the ZWX service started several years ago.  I had never had to use the emergency ride home before last month but was glad to have it when I needed it.  Thank you.”  – Michael B.



Transit Thursday: Vanpool Wrap Up

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We’ve discussed the benefits of vanpool before: new friendships, no waiting at the bus stop, and it can drop you off right at your workplace’s front door. Our full list of vanpools shows that people from all over the Triangle are already saving on sleep and their environmental impact. In fact, our GoTriangle commute savings calculator says you can save upwards of $800 per year riding in a vanpool. Don’t see your office or town listed? No problem – since our vanpools are based on demand, you can start your own if you don’t currently have one in your area.

We already knew this alternative commute mode was pretty sweet, and now, our vans are looking sharper than ever. Wrapped up like new and ready to go, it’s time to say hello to the new transit hero in town: vanpool.